Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Grindhouse Trailers for Shits and Giggles

Recently I got a hold of 42nd Street Forever Volumes 1-3 and some of the trailers thrill my brain like nothing else. Each little trailer is a beloved 'time-capsule-look-see' into a seedy underbelly which Hollywood would most likely have you forget. I adore this old skool shit.

I come from the generation of kids who first experienced these films on VHS, and I've noticed a few titles re-appearing in my local video store on DVD. A little part of me feels aglow when i realise the mantle is being passed to a new generation of teens and twentysomethings smoking pot in their new flat-share and laughing til there eyes pop out. Here's a classic 5 which i remember or know I have to see at some point.

1. Alligator

2. Phase IV

3.Behind the Door

4.The Devil Times Five

5.Thing With Two Heads

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