Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eric Staller and his amazing Bicycle Concoctions

Meet the Conference Bike, also known as the CoBi 7 an invention by a rather dedicated madman by the name of Eric Staller a gentlemen whose work may seem very familiar when you get a proper glimpse at his body of work. His work has appeared in various movies including Men In Black and LA Story

Apart from looking like a squid wearing boxing gloves it is indeed a 7 seater bicycle for those who like light conversation while group commuting. I just love an invention whose fashion only barely meets the full requirements of its function

upon further research, although the Cobi-7 has practical everyday, use the artist Eric Staller has a body of work which stretches back over 30 years including some very clever and satirical works which raise a significant chuckle while raising some poignant topics,... but meh, like most art I'm guilty of liking it just because its just wonderful to look at,...

Here is a site with more of him to wet your appetite, Yay!!!

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