Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cool Animals made of Stuff

I dunno who made these but they look absolutely gorgeous.

Check em all out here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Plushie of The Old Ones

This is Cthulhu. Say hello, Cthulhu!

He's not finished yet; he still needs the wings attached. But I think he makes a pretty sweet mascot for The Lab's new headquarters.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wonderous Jouney of the Neverwas Haul

Again I have happened upon something in the intertubes which has utterly enthralled me and I am gagging to tell you all about it

What I'm talking about is The Neverwas Haul, a wonderfully lavish 3 storey Victorian Era Mansion on Wheels. This is the stuff all my Steampunk wet dreams are made of (except for maybe the odd frilly burlesque outfit).

Originally created for the Burning Man festival, held in the Nevada Desert every year, the Neverwas Haul is made up of 75% recycled products, can be self propelled and contains a replica Camera Obscura, faithfully re-done as if from the Jules Verne Era.

Here it is in all it wondrous glory at Burning Man.

Fucking marvelous isn't it!!

Khhaaaann!! Daniel Martinico's Star Trek loop.

This is truly wonderful. Video artist Daniel Martinico has created a remix/loop of the iconic scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where Shatner cries out the name of his enemy in the final reel of the film.

It is a truly great little thing which combines the gleeful familiarity of the scene with overwhelming anticipation and a strange meditative quality (just watch that jaw clench and that eyeball twitter without trying to zone right into it).

Here's the clip, (this only runs for two and a bit minutes, the original goes for fifteen!!??)

and this is the article from LA Weekly

Enjoy it kids.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Location for the Lab

So the Lab has moved to its new digs in Coburg and boy oh boy what a month. Since last we blogged we have moved laboratories (read houses), I've been fired twice!! (you read correctly TWICE!), and been hospitalised (that's right HOSPITALISED) with Hepatitis A. (yep, thats right,...HOSPITA.. well, yeh, you get the picture)

So yes. We now sit in our lovely rickety paint-cracked laboratory, finding things on the intertubes and at the movies and on CD which keep us amused/entertained and in love.

Tigerlily has discovered Hexic on the Xbox 360.

She's mad hell keen for it! And swears like a sailor if she fucks it up (the sure sign of a passionate gamer,......besides girls who swear are HOT!!)

I've discovered the TV show Breaking Bad. What a fucking awesome awesome awesome show. A fantastic dark and hilariously black comedy about a chemistry teacher who after being diagnosed with cancer decides to cook and sell Crystal Meth to make some money for his family after he carks it. I know, sounds bleak but give it a go and its so worth it. Also I suggest if you feel a bit like your life is shit, watch one episode of this show and you'll realise your problems are minuscule compared to those of poor Walter White.

I'm totally hanging for some new movies coming out particularly '9' coming out in late September (09/09/2009)

How freaking awesome does that look?

oh and tigerlily has finished the first coat on our banner which is the sexiest banner in the world and is gonna hang from the wall in our most awesome awesome home!! It will be our scripture and mantra for the whole of our time in our new lab here.

Oh and by the way, combining labs was the best idea, we get so much more research done since working and living in the same place.

That's right dear readers, she the face of an angel, this image is only obscured by the blinding light which emanates from it!!

Til next time kids, don't forget to stay in school.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Remember singing that song in primary school, as a mnemonic for the bones in the human body? At my school though, sadly, we only learnt the common names - hip bone, thigh bone, et cetera. Imagine how gorgeous that song would have been if we'd been taught at least some of these scientific terms:

(connected to the)
(connected to the)
Cervical Spine
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
Thoracic Spine
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
Xiphoid Process

Radial Bone
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
Ulnar Bone
(connected to the)
(connected to the)

Lumbar Spine
(connected to the)
Sacral Spine
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)
(connected to the)

Alright, it isn't really as simple as that. But the words sure are pretty.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Momentary Cheese Alert!

I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. I find the corporatisation of romance cynical and unlovely. But that day is coming up pretty soon, and it seems that my world is being over-run by stomach-churningly twee products I am exhorted to purchase in order to prove my love for piranhaboy. No thanks.

So when I stumbled on this loveheart
I flicked straight past it with a tiny shudder, and it took a moment longer for my brain to register what I'd really seen.

I adore images like this: I have a very clear memory from years ago of my brain fizzing with joy the first time I saw a representation of a Mobius strip. This heart (designed by Renzo Toepoel) brings to mind the gorgeous work of Oscar Reutersvard, the creator of the very first "premeditated impossible figure", the Penrose Triangle (named for one of the co-founders of the Big Bang theory). Reutersvard designed the Penrose Triangle in 1934 at the age of nineteen, and created over two and a half thousand more impossible figures before his death in 2002. His work inspired the much better-known M.C. Escher but Reutersvard's own more purely geometric designs are quite breathtakingly beautiful alone - far more beautiful than (oh, just as an example) those stomach-churningly twee products I was railing against at the beginning of this admittedly rambling post.

You can find more images of and information on Oscar Reutersvard's designs here, here and here
. And hey, if it is your thing - happy Valentine's day.