Monday, December 15, 2008


Welcome to the Lab.

Me and my girlfriend began this blog simply because we like STUFF! We like weird STUFF. We like things that make your brain go fizzy. We liked the idea that we could create a place that if you came along, and followed a link you also might find something that made your brain go fizzy.

Why 251?

Well (and here is the cheesy part), you know how most couples have a song? Well my girlfriend and I don't have a song we have a number. The number 251. On one of our very first dates, we were out with some friends and the number 251 came up randomly in a discussion about preservatives and food additives. (if you're curious 251 is Sodium Nitrate,.... yum).

She was eating a lolly pop. She does this on occasion, I have found, since knowing her. I just randomly picked the number 251 as an example of an additive you might find on a chupa chup and I said

"I'm not sure if 251 is a number you'll find in a chupa-chup and she chimed in with ,..

"But it is a prime."

Suddenly my inner maths geek heart did a little "flip flop-badunk" (you know how that happens? When someone you really like brings something to the table you've had a secret jones for all along and you thought you were the only one? Like prime numbers?)

We both looked at eachother. Laughed. High-fived and the rest is history.

Now the number has taken on a life of it's own. If we see the number on a letterbox or on a building we point it out. If one of us sees it alone we photograph and then email to each other. We no longer sign off our text messages with I Love You like normal vanilla-garden-variety-relationship-folk. Its now become a contest to see how to incorporate and re-invent that number in various mutations and additions along the way. A string of kisses is now xxXXXXXx. Another theme is 63001 to whom which the square route is 251. Another is B.E.A. the 2nd, 5th and 1st letter of the alphabet. And so on.

Don't question us about it.

We have a million of them.

We will be making them very late into this century, they will get weirder and as we get older, they will take on a life of their own and will no longer resemble the humble prime to which they have all humbly been birthed from;


so there you have it

but enough of that,

we hope you'll find some stuff here in the lab that will make your brain fizz and again,....


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