Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three of the Best Soundtrack and Movie Blogs on the Internerd

Vinnie Rattolle's Records

This place is great and is also one of the first sites I stumbled upon when I explored my love of soundtracks a little further. A virtual museum of PopCult movie ephemera Vinnie's site offers rare playbills and promo materials to look at, not to mention rare press kits and media from films from days gone by. Make sure you check out his current post on movie comic book adaptations.

From the Negative Zone

Sometimes you come across a blog and you just know it's put together by a real fan. Such is From The Negative Zone. This blog playfully tumbles through some of our favourite things we love about film. Still shots which leave a burning reminder of how awesome a film really is. Trailers of buried gems long forgotten and the occasional upload of a rare and out of print soundtrack.

FTNZ is an awesome Sunday stroll through some of the things which remind us why films are totally awesome

The Manchester Morgue

This is also fantastic one stop shopping for Rare Soundtrack Glee. Consistently amazing collection of links and uploads for the discerning soundtrack afficianado. Bronx Warriors 3000, The Fabulous Stains, Wolfen, Mr. T. The plethora of stuff here is by far some of the best rare-begotten "brainfizz" imaginable.

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