Friday, December 26, 2008

Not So Almost Breaking News

So Fox won it's lawsuit with Warner Bros. over the distribution of Watchmen. Or Warner Bros lost more like. The story goes that, what must now be over 20 years ago, Fox had a vested interest in the production and distribution of their own Watchmen film. They abandoned it and it was shopped around to other studios and, (did I mention, like a gap of almost 20 years?) in 2007 WB began production on their own version of the most ambitious and anticipated comic book movie ever.

Now in a move that smacks of "money-grubbing-johnny-come-lately-ness" Fox has come knocking to say that they never rescinded their rights and have a claim in the profits from whats going to be a truly truly awesome film and a judge has deemed that they are right!!!

This kind of thing is truly crap,...
Like being set up for adoption and (again) almost 20 years later after your adoptive parents have made you truly awesome and successful person, your deadbeat birth parents rock up wanting to claim some of the credit for making you truly awesome.

Fuck off Fox. Don't be a pouty bitch just because Bugs Bunny's pals have gone and done what you couldn't.

Anyhoo, more substantial and less opinionated journalistic coverage at Splashpage.

and check out this awesome sneak peek,...

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