Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Location for the Lab

So the Lab has moved to its new digs in Coburg and boy oh boy what a month. Since last we blogged we have moved laboratories (read houses), I've been fired twice!! (you read correctly TWICE!), and been hospitalised (that's right HOSPITALISED) with Hepatitis A. (yep, thats right,...HOSPITA.. well, yeh, you get the picture)

So yes. We now sit in our lovely rickety paint-cracked laboratory, finding things on the intertubes and at the movies and on CD which keep us amused/entertained and in love.

Tigerlily has discovered Hexic on the Xbox 360.

She's mad hell keen for it! And swears like a sailor if she fucks it up (the sure sign of a passionate gamer,......besides girls who swear are HOT!!)

I've discovered the TV show Breaking Bad. What a fucking awesome awesome awesome show. A fantastic dark and hilariously black comedy about a chemistry teacher who after being diagnosed with cancer decides to cook and sell Crystal Meth to make some money for his family after he carks it. I know, sounds bleak but give it a go and its so worth it. Also I suggest if you feel a bit like your life is shit, watch one episode of this show and you'll realise your problems are minuscule compared to those of poor Walter White.

I'm totally hanging for some new movies coming out particularly '9' coming out in late September (09/09/2009)

How freaking awesome does that look?

oh and tigerlily has finished the first coat on our banner which is the sexiest banner in the world and is gonna hang from the wall in our most awesome awesome home!! It will be our scripture and mantra for the whole of our time in our new lab here.

Oh and by the way, combining labs was the best idea, we get so much more research done since working and living in the same place.

That's right dear readers, she the face of an angel, this image is only obscured by the blinding light which emanates from it!!

Til next time kids, don't forget to stay in school.

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